Who's jose? yo-se!

I was born and raised in Panama City, Panamá but as of now I'm residing in Portland, Oregon. Life can be pretty like that and provide you with the opportunity to see more of the world, if you allow yourself.

I live to tell you a story, and have you think or look at something and wonder huh, what if? I've managed to get myself in a lot of pretty, interesting, scary, fun, and full of growth experiences throughout my short life. We can be so much more, so let's be more!

Currently a Senior VFX Artist, Technical Director, 3D-VR artist, Motion Designer, and a graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Motion Design. 

I prove myself through hard work and determination. I find inspiration in my daily life interactions, the music I listen to, my bike rides, my family, and the things I hear and see around this beautiful cosmos.

I have a strong focus in creative direction, art direction, design, cinematography, conceptual development, compositing, photography, animation, lighting, and film.

Proficient in: Houdini, Unreal Engine, Maya, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Arnold, SpeedTree and Mudbox.
Understanding more about: Storytelling, Virtual Reality, and Human Experiences.

Appreciating each day more and more of: family, life, math, physics, music and art.

Focused more and more on: Creative Problem Solving, Art Direction, Creative Development, Creative Strategy, Look-Development, Augmented Reality, Environment Development, and Set Dressing.